Business as Virtual


Everyone is managing the distance.  While working from home is not new, we can all use tips to help us navigate it with grace.  Here are some resources to manage the diverse responsibilities that come with your new “office” (and office mates). 

How to lead your team in a time of chaos and complexity  – Think with Google is a great resource for consumer and marketing insights, thought (get it think?) provoking articles, and case studies.  This article gives tips and hints on how to pivot, prepare, and push forward.  

 198 Free Tools to Help You Through the Coronavirus Pandemic – Free stuff is always great, and it is even better when it helps make things easier.  This article from Entrepreneur Magazine started off with 65 resources and keeps growing.  Check it out to find cool tools that can lighten the load.

Looking for school as virtual?  WideOpenSchool has some great resources to help fill the day.  From mindfulness through Yoga with Adrienne, to diverse perspectives from the Global Oneness Project, to basic circuitry with Tinkercad, there is plenty of age-specific content to help support distance learning and keep our younger “coworkers” busy. 

Lastly, we can’t forget our furry coworkers.  Some of our pets are loving the extra attention (like ours as he tools around in the toy baby stroller), others not so much.  Vox explores weird animal behaviors during the pandemic, including why they just might stare at you suspiciously from the corner.

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