We solve problems, tell stories, and build connections. 

Marketing is noisy. Messages get lost or overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information we process every day. Overcome the overload and make your brand top of mind by bringing it to life. Make one call, explain your project then get everything done with MJ Design and Company. Live and virtual events, graphic design, and strategy; we do it all and we do it well!

Our Services


Your brand lives and breathes and your clients understand it better when it they experience it. We help you bring your brand to life through well executed events that engage, educate and expand your audience.

Graphic Design

Digital and print media make lasting impressions, and we can help you make sure yours are up to par. Look your best with consistently well-crafted materials that reflect your brand.


Tokens of appreciation go a long way! Finding cost effective and elegant ways to say thanks to clients and staff while reinforcing your brand puts you at the top of their list.